Xbox 360

Prince of Persia “Review”

Game: Prince of Persia
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Formats: PS3, X360, PC Format Played: X360

I have not played any of the previous Prince of Persia games but only decided to play this one because a friend of mind recommended it as a game I would like and you know what! He was right!

The game looks beautiful, everything is cell shaded and although troublesome darting through the levels quickly can be really good fun.

You start off by meeting Elika while looking for your Donkey, she will stick by you through the game as in there to aid you. If you fall off a ledge or an enemy is getting the better of you she will step in and save your ass.
Elika will also help you when taking long jumps and can be used in battle.

There are not many enemies around and most of the game is getting from one Fertile ground to another. There are 4 main bosses that you have to fight 5 times in different places.

You and Elika are trying to imprison Ahriman, who has been inexplicably set free by Elika’s father. You have to accompany Elika to a series of fertile grounds to their former glory. Once you have driven the boss away Elika is able to set free the land and then you are able to collect light seeds for Elika. There are 45 in each section and getting a certain amount lets Elika gain a new power by using a new plate which there is four in total.

There is not much story but you can have short conversations with Elika which are entertaining.

You can not die on this game but if you want to get the achievements it would be wise to be kind to her. The fighting is easy and mostly sidestepping blocking and you then get a choice of a button to press.

The game has a fantastic ending which sets up the next game.



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