Little Big Planet “Review”

Game: Little Big Planet
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Media Molecule
Formats: PS3 Format Played: PS3

I have wanted to do this review for a while as I played the Beta and had this game on day of release but I would have felt the review half hearted if I didn’t make some comments about the level design so here at last is my review of Little Big Planet.

At last something unique to gaming. A game with cute sackboys and a decent level design that you can post on the PS network for others to enjoy and keep this going as long as people keep making levels for it.

Rumour has it that there will be a MGS level download coming out for this game and that would truly be amazing!

There really isn’t much to explain when telling you about this game; you start of as a naked sackboy with the voice of the legendary Stephen Fry giving you instructions on how to move your sackboy.

You start off exploring the gardens, each level is like something out of honey I shrunk the kids, you look small compared to the background and most of the things are made out of metal, cardboards and wood! You also get swings made out of sponge and at this point I would like you say that you can hold onto anything made of sponge whether it be a swing or the ground!

The game looks fantastic although basic at the same time but also refreshing and new! Every level you can play on your own or on the PSN with up to 3 other players. Some sections require you to have more then one person to get extra items.

If I would have to sum this game up in three words it would be “Cute, Stunning, Puzzler” although all the puzzles really don’t require much thought you really are just playing this whole game with a smile on your face.
Your sackboy can be changed to your liking, as you flow through the game you will acquire items and material and clothes to change your sackboy to make your own. However you can also use costumes and buy some on the PSN. Mine is currently Ryu from Streetfighter (pictured)
As well as items for your sackboy you can also pickup items to build which I will return to and stickers. Stickers can be used anywhere and you can place them on new level designs or in any level you are playing on and even over a sackboy!

Some stickers are needed to gain extra items! Again it’s not hard to figure which ones and where they are needed.

The story is short but enjoyable but what really propels this game is the online mode, playing other levels that your everyday gamer has created in his or her home is where it’s out. There are a load of rubbish around but 1/4 are really enjoyable to play and some are brilliant which makes you think must have taken them ages to make.

The designers really have come up trumps with this idea, create a short game but allow others to great vast levels for you to make this game a seller. MM I salute you!
Online is fun but I have had lots of slowdown and lag in most online games I have played with more then 2 people in a level and this is a big shame.

Level design, this is where it’s at. You collect bits and bobs as you go along and again Stephen Fry will talk you through all the training you need to start making your own levels and it is a lot to digest but do not let that stop you! As you continue to build your first level you will find it’s actually very easy to make a standard half decent level! Mine is halfway through and is getting longer then I wanted my first one to be but I have moving objects, enemies, swings, bombs, switches you name it and it’s fun fun fun to do as well. Takes me back to my childhood playing with Lego!

This game really is one of its kind and I would advise anyone with a PS3 to purchase this game.

Remember, Cute, Stunning Puzzler!


This is just a short extra to let you know how good the Metal Gear Solid extra is. It costs just £5 for the costumes and £5 for the levels. You get a paint gun which you use to fight against the robots and camera’s.

It is short and will take you about 20 minutes to do but really enjoyable extra.


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