Xbox 360

Shaun White Snowboarding “Review”

Game: Shaun White Snowboarding
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Formats: X360, PS3, Wii Format Played: X360

Ubisoft making a snowboarding game? Well they have and this one is based on Shaun White who if you didn’t know is a professional snowboarder.
When I started the game I didn’t get on with it, it seemed unresponsive, I kept getting caught on snow, and my character seemed to do things I didn’t want him to.
After about 4 hours of playing I must now say I love this game and more then Amped3 which is saying something. It might not be as good as SSX but its different and more real to life which is what I was looking for in a snowboarding game.
To top it off and what separates this game is it’s on Xbox Live. You can have up to 16 people per mountain from all over the world. There are bad points with this if you are stuck with 13 year old American’s who just swear constantly and hate losing! Or when they win they go over the top with their celebrations telling you that you got owned and they slept with your mom. Quite annoying yes?
On the other hand I have played with a host of Americans and most of them have been great to have a game with and some have even helped me out finding the best locations and some secret areas!
Live is what makes this game, I no longer stay on the single player not that its bad or anything but you can do all the same things on the multiplayer but with the sound of people chatting and seeing others snowboarding down the mountains with you.

The bad points on live is that if anyone hosting a mountain leaves they you get kicked back to the single player mode which is annoying if you are in the middle of a joint race or competition. Also sometimes you get a lot of lag making others seem like they are floating in the air or stuttering forwards.

The storyline of this game is very poor so far and just collecting coins for Shaun seems to be it! Also every mountain is open from the moment you load up the game and so is 90% of the competitions on each mountain. The only thing that you seem to play for is money to buy new boards and clothes.

This isn’t such a bad thing as when you join a live game it’s nice to have everything unlocked so you can play any game with others.

The mountains look great and once you have a better board it’s a lot of fun snowboarding down the mountains I just wish there were more then 4 of them.

All in all an average snowboarding game which is made better with Live. And you can chuck snowballs at people 🙂



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