Xbox 360

Gears of War 2 “Review”

Game: Gears of War 2
Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Epic Games
Formats: X360 Format Played: X360

It’s the big one so I better do it justice. I was going to put this game back as I have so many as it is but when I heard the rumour that it was only being sold for £29 in Sainsbury’s out came the credit card! And I am so glad I did buy it.
The game picks up from the last one and it’s not so much of the story that interested me with this game it’s just the mindless fighting and the fact you can kill people with a chainsaw on the end of your gun!
First impressions and I think a lot of people thought the same is that it looked and felt like the last one. A few new things of interest is that you can down and enemy and then once you see them crawling for their life you have a choice of executions you can finish him off with which leaves you feeling satisfied!
There are a few new weapons but it’s the old ones that most people tend to stick to!

The game is relatively easy, I still have to play through on insane mode but everything I have come across in Hardcore has been pretty easy going.
I have two games on the go, the solo campaign which I am playing on Hardcore and also a CO-OP mode which I am also playing on hardcore. Co-Op is really fun but it it’s just as hard as the single player because in the solo campaign your team mates AI is brilliant and they hardly let you down whereas the Co-Op mode I found my partner kept running into gunfire because that’s what he likes to do and then I had to run after him and save his ass. Works both ways mind as I also get downed and need assistance.

Online is fun but feels like any other FPS multiplayer but with chainsaws! The maps are well laid out and easy to work around but the best extra of them all is a multiplayer mode called Horde. In horde you have 5 of you in one map then they release wave after wave of enemies at you each wave getting stronger. I played 3 times and its not much fun when no one speaks to you but one of the games I played with all American’s was so much fun and they really got into it.
I love Co-Op games something that could have been so much better in Fable but unfortunately wasn’t to be. In Horde though as long as you have a good team you really feel part of something especially when a team mate saves your ass!

Back to the Solo mode and it’s just as good looking as the original. Instead of gears to find there are collectables, 41 to be exact and they all tell a story as well as gain you achievements. The boss fights so far have been fairly easy but Gears of War 2 is just a fun mindless game to play whether it be on your own or with a friend. Hail to chainsaws!


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