Xbox 360

Top Spin 3 “Review”

Game: Top Spin 3
Published by: 2K Sports
Developed by: PAM Development
Formats: X360, PS3, Wii. Format Played: X360

After football I would say F1 and Tennis (Wimbledon only really) are the two sports I would watch. When Top Spin came out on the Xbox I bought it on release and I am not sure what made me do it but I really enjoyed it. I loved the fact you could choose to be nice or mad or rub the others face in it after any shot which seems to have been lost come the second one. But the main thing with the second is that it was just as fun as the first. It was easy to pick up and once you levelled up games became easier. You had a world map which means you could choose what tournaments to enter but this again has been wiped from 3.
Everything I liked from 1 & 2 has been lost with 3 unfortunately, you have no sponsor anymore which means you can wear whatever you like but have to purchase it with point yet in the later levels you still earn cash but I am yet to find out why and what you can buy with it if anything.
The achievements are mostly for online gameplay which I hate for the one main reason, if you pick up the game a few months after release there are not that many people playing which makes it harder to gain achievements.

As the sponsor goes so does the world map meaning you have to play the tournaments as they are given to you and as you progress through the game you have to play one each month and each tournament has 5 stages meaning they could last up to an hour to two hours depending on how well you do.

Also you lost your trainer which I used to find was a nice touch and what they have replaced all this with is to make the game more real! Why? It was fun as it was now you want to make it more lifelike? I don’t like lifelike if I did I would buy a racket and go play for real! What I want is fun and they are zapping everything I liked.
The game in my opinion has become a lot more harder, so much so that this is the first time I have had to move a game down to easy and sometimes I want to move to very easy but I can’t bring myself to do it.
You have to be in the correct position to hit the ball back correctly and if you are not you will either miss it or hit it out of the courts area.
Another annoying thing I found is that as I progressed through the game I become a lot better and it seems the computer realises this. I picked up on certain characters and their weak point and used it against them. There is nothing wrong with the computer realising this or changing its tactics within the game but what happened next was ridiculous. As the opposition could not beat me on court the game decided to change tactics and Ace me every time it was their serve. This has really annoyed me because the ball either goes so far to the right I cant make it or when the ball comes towards me and I press A my character wont swing and just stands there or head the ball with his head. This has really annoyed me no end so much that when I finish the game I will be selling it.
It started when I was 0-40 up against one player and at this stage you would be rubbing your hands together and thinking you got break but nooooo, first Ace, ok so they happen from time to time 15-40, 2nd serve Ace 30-40 ooooook, 3rd Deuce FFS then Ace Advantage, Ace Game!

That’s not tennis that’s just stupid! And when it’s my serve I beat him 40-0 but all my points are done after a rally which I worked for. I have only gotten 1 ace in the whole game so I have lost hope of getting the achievement for 100! The other 2 games I mastered but this game is ridicules.

Looks like Top Spin2 but clearly missing all the good bits.
The only good thing is the graphics are very nice.
P.S. Where has Wimbledon gone?



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