Xbox 360

Fable 2 ‘Review’

Game: Fable 2
Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Lionhead Studios
Formats: X360 Format Played: X360

I loved the first fable; I mean I really loved the original so it’s understandable that I would be looking forward to the squeal. You start off as a young boy/girl and the first mission would have you running around fetching items and doing things for gold. This is for you to get used to the controls which are very easy to pick up and it also sets up the story. Be warned however that some of the choices you make at the start will effect how the game looks and people treat you once you start off in the town.

The game itself is very short but there is so much to do which could have you playing for hours. It’s the first game in a long time that has kept me up all hours because I was so focused in having fun that I lost track of time.

As well as the main story quest you can do and go pretty much anywhere. You will start off with little money and to gain more you would take up jobs which are jotted around the world. These involve working behind a bar, chopping wood and making weapons as a blacksmith.

Once you got enough money you can buy houses and shops and either rent them out at a rate of your choosing or live in them by yourself or a partner. Partners can be picked up almost anywhere and you will find that as you progress through the game the more men and women will fall in love with you. You can also take them on dates, give those gifts or use good (or sometimes even bad) expressions to chat them up. Once they love you enough just give them a ring and find a home and you will be married. You can also have protected or unprotected sex with your wife or just about anyone in the Fable world just be careful that if you have no condoms you will end up having a baby who will get older as the story unfolds.
Every action has consequences and the game really makes you think about your decisions, if you choose to be good just be warned that you might lose something dear to you. If you are bad don’t expect anyone to like you.
Sub- Quests come from anywhere, the local security even your child can have you running out to save them. You can marry more then one person and any sex but be warned when your partner travels to another town and meets your other partner or blackmails you for money. You can also have sex with more then one person at once if you want to try it out or just go for the achievement.

The other important thing I forgot to mention about this game is your partner who happens to be a dog. You find it very strange at first but it wasn’t long until I became attached to mine and treat him well he will learn tricks, find treasure and also attack enemies during a fight but if he gets injured just remember to heal him and give him treats for a job well done.

Buying out houses and renting them out will earn you money for every day you stay in the game and every 5 minutes while the game is off. It’s the easiest way to make money after getting enough from working. You can also leave your partner with a daily allowance and depending on how much you give them when you return to them they could have gifts for you.

The battle system is very easy as it’s only one button to attack or hold it down to block and charge your attack. Also there is another button that will perform magic. The longer you hold it down the more powerful the spell but you can also set different spells at different levels so the longer you hold down the buttons the different spell you cast.

You don’t really need all the magic spells because you can only assign up to five levels and five spells at a time. Also you can build your body up but after a while you start to look fat. Its not only levelling up, drinking and getting drunk might be funny but it’s the quickest way to make your character a porker and will take a lot of fruit and veg to thin back down.

Pie’s, veg and potions can regenerate health while in the field but each has it’s own plus’s and negatives. You can buy these from stores and wondering traders but that’s not all, there is also a book store, tattooist, tailor and stylist to be able to learn new expressions or change you look.

There is a co-op mode but it’s limited and you can not bring your own character into someone else’s game. Once in the camera is fixed for both of you but you can earn EXP and gold.

I love how everyone acts around you and there is so much vocal contact in this game it hardly ever repeats. Finding keys and gargoyles can also be fun and the graphics look very nice indeed. There are some small glitches and loading times are poor but the game itself is brilliant.

My only real negative comment is having to chat someone up using the same expressions for ages before they marry you or want to have sex with you but as you go through the game and become more known it’s a lot easier. The end boss battle if you can call it that is also far to easy.

Remember that everything you do will effect the change in the game and how you are seen. Playing through twice you could see a different side of you.



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