Metal Gear Solid 4 ‘Review’

Game: Metal Gear Solid 4
Published by: Konami
Developed by: Kojima Productions
Formats: Playstation 3 Format Played: Playstation 3

A late review but I never had a PS3 on release or when this game came out so you can hardly blame be for the later review.
This is the game I bought a PS3 for and I couldn’t wait any longer so once I had saved up enough money I purchased a PS3 80GB with MGS4 but I had waited so long to play this game that I never put it straight into the machine, I actually waited until I finished another one of my games so that I could give MGS4 my full attention.
Following the story of all previous Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear storylines 4 wrap-up everything neatly bringing in characters you will remember if you had played them all. And you would have needed to play them all to follow the story as this game was made for the films. Some people will argue that the length of the cut scenes is two long others will tell you how great they are and me? Well I love them!

They really make you understand the characters better and get you more focused into the story. They also keep you involved with the ability to hit the Left trigger to focus your view or tap X button to relive a memory. These are interesting but not necessary and certainly not something you would worry about on the second play though but then again you can also skip any cut scene too which is good for anyone who wants to just play the game play.

The games play is very smooth and everything you can pick up quickly. Your suit camo now automatically changes to the background just by lying on the floor or pushing up against a wall which is much handier then manually changing it like you did in 3 (which is one of the only things I didn’t like about 3).
The only real problem I had with 4 was the amount of weapons you could find or pick up. It was ridiculous and unnecessary as I only used half the items to play through the game and even then I could have done it without some of them. Also if you earn enough points you could buy so much weapons and ammo from Drebin a weapons launderer you will meet. This makes the game easier unlike the first three where if you ran out of ammo you had to o searching for it or it forces you to use a different gun.
Having said this that is the only Issue I had with the game and let’s face it there is a harder mode I can play which could solve the fact I found the game easy and make it more of a challenge. The only other disappointment I had was with the end boss but without giving spoilers away I really can’t tell you why.

The game play is amazing it really is especially travelling back through Shadow Moses really gives you a sense of nostalgia. The boss battles are fantastic although once you work them out they could be finished easily and quickly.
But it doesn’t matter how nice the graphics and how good the gameplay is….ok it does but MGS4 is all about the story line and this game really delivers one of the best storylines and ties up the saga brilliantly.
I really can’t wait to play it again.



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