Xbox 360

Infinite Undiscovery ‘Review’

Game: Infinite Undiscovery
Published by: Square Enix
Developed by: tri-Ace
Formats: X360 Format Played: X360

Well hello there and first off I am sorry it has been so long since my last review.
Anyone who knows me would know that I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and therefore I put a lot of trust into Square-Enix games. I had not heard much about IU right up until the release date. I think I downloaded a teaser trailer a few months ago but it wasn’t until a few weeks before the release that I caught wind of it.
As this game was sold for £30 in most places online I snapped it up despite the average reviews the game was getting.
First things first you play as a young kid (which seems to be a RPG must these days) called Capell who has been caught a put in prison because he happens to look like the Liberator who you soon find out is a guy called Sigmund who is trying to free the moon which has been chained to the planet and is being slowly pulled into a collision.
Most of the prison level is training how to use what! But you are not alone, as you are sprung free by a young lady called Aya.
Those who like your xbox achievements should be aware some are hard to get and most are involved in certain parts of the game only and if you miss them you can’t go back to claim them. One of these happens to be in the prison level!
The combat is free flowing and the best part about this game. Later on once you build up your party you may have too many characters battling on screen which makes the game much easier. You can have up to 4 people in your party who will follow you around in the battle areas but once you get into towns and villages these characters will be spread out around the place. You can link with each of these characters and there is some benefit in doing so as some characters can open locked chests or some of the townspeople might not speak to you but will if you have a certain character linked with you. Also there are extra story clips if you link one character and go talk to another character.
Another reason for linking characters is that you can cook meals or make weapons and items by doing so. Most characters have their own abilities and so long as you have the right materials/ingredients then your character will attempt to make whatever you choose from the list. Certain foods will replenish HP/MP or give you extra powers. You can also enhance yourself or others in your party for limited periods of time e.g. 200% extra damage! These can come in handy for certain boss battles but I found the cooking and item making boring and a waste of time.
Other bad points about this game is the fact that the story takes a long while to get going, most people I spoke to never made it to the good bit because they got put off at the start. As RPG’s tend to be long games I believe that its important to start off on a high and grab the player in early on. Having said this, this is one of the shorter RPG’s I have played and you could finish in around 25-30 hours.

Like I said the combat is very entertaining in this game and the story gets much more interesting the further in you go.

I should also point out that your main character also has a flute which holds different powers when different tunes are played but to be honest you will not find half of them let alone need them.

Poor camera angles can sometimes make battles harder and anyone following the cut scenes will notice that the lip sync is extremely poor.
I actually enjoyed this game, I liked the characters although there were too many and some you can’t even have in YOUR party and don’t even have a big part to play in the story, making me think why???? The boss battles were fun and enjoyable. And I loved the fact that your characters could become evil and turn against you while out in the field……you will see 😉

It had some good idea’s but because of so many little bad points I will have to make it down.



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