Super Mario Galaxy ‘Review’

Formats: Wii
Format Played: Wii
Import: N/A

I don’t know what it is about Mario games but they seem to be losing the wow factor. Either that or I am getting older and Nintendo has served its purpose. I remember 12 years ago when I was looking forward to playing Mario 64 and I was genuinely excited when I took it out the box and started playing for the first time despite the fact I used to work in future publishing and had completed the game 1 year before it’s UK release.
Anyway this is Mario Galaxy on the Wii with a whole new control system. As good as it seems I can see the control system being hard for people close to the TV as you need to use your pointer for certain things. Now my Wii is in my bedroom and my bed isn’t far from the TV. When I play Wii Sports I have to stand up on the other side of the bed which is no problem for that type of game but Mario I don’t want to be standing playing a platform game. Now that leaves me sitting on the very edge of the bed, hope I don’t fall!
My point is that my bedroom isn’t really small. So other people with smaller rooms will have problems using the Wii unless they use the TV downstairs but if you don’t have your own home then this could be hard.

The Gameplay is actually quite fun and really easy to pick up. Controller and nunchuck work well together and it isn’t long before you are moving Mario around like a pro. This is what I love about Nintendo, anything that looks complicated to use just isn’t one little bit. So simple, so easy thank you Nintendo we love you.
Anyway moving on, so far the only thing I use the remote pointer for is to collect gems I can’t be bothered to run towards to pick up and to grab points I can’t jump to. The sensor on the remote is used to move between planets and galaxy’s with a quick shake of the controller and also a spin attack use by spinning the remote. Everything is really easy to use.

The game itself seems to have a weak story, Princess Peach kidnapped again? No really????? You think she would move somewhere else by now but then again in Sunshine she got kidnapped on holiday. Damn women get a restraining order on that big bad koopa!

I will let you know more on the full review, those who read these keep a close eye 🙂

Update: As I said below that this game does not feel like anything special however after playing more of the game the levels to get better and slightly more of a challenge unlike the easy easy first levels. Like Mario 64 there is a major problem with camera angles as you do not have two analogue sticks to change your view and have to keep pressing C or hope the camera stays where you want it too. Some places and wall jumps can be tricky as you can’t change the camera while focusing with what is going on, on screen.

All in all Mario Galaxy is a fresh change but it still lacks something I can’t put my feeling on and Mario has become even more annoying whenever he opens his mouth.



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