Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ‘Review’

Formats: DS
Format Played: DS
Import: N/A

I should have bought this game ages ago but the way I see it is now I can play 4 of them in a row because I can’t stop playing this game.
Yes my DS is back out of the drawn and for damn good reason. I have just got Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on the DS and I have not stopped playing it in two days.

The game is based around a court room where you defend your clients in court but then after the first mission the game opens up and you have to go around finding clues, witnesses and evidence. Once you have all the info you need you head back to court to present them but the witnesses and prosecution make it difficult for you so when cross examining whoever takes the stand you have to find contradictions in what they are saying at the right time. Some cases go on for up to 3 days and take a lot of digging up dirt. Sometimes you are standing in court with no evidence so you have to work out a case from what is said in the courtroom.

All in all this is one of the best games on the DS and I should have realised this earlier as we are talking about Capcom.

The characters are brilliant and the storylines are entertaining and will keep you very interested as well as adding humour in there too.

If you want a hand held game that will keep you playing right until the end then this is it.

Update: Well this might just have to settle for the best DS game ever made. So great from start to finish and the cases just get better. The 5th case is epic and use’s more of the DS’s touch screen. All in all this game kicks ass. I do have the second one to play and I am now going to drop the first play reviews and go straight into a full review. If anyone actually reads these.



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