Xbox 360

Lost Odyssey ‘Review’

Formats: Xbox360
Format Played: Xbox360
Import: Japanese

Only just imported this from Play-Asia but the UK version is in fact out this Friday. Having said that it was only £25 and comes in a better box with better box art and it is in full English.

This is old style RPG game play with random battles. Coming from the makers of Final Fantasy and welcoming Nobuo Uematsu who has done much work with Square-Enix on the Final Fantasy games this sounds like an amazing RPG before anyone has played it. So far all I have done is a couple of battles at the start and I have seen lots of cut scenes. While walking around you can steal anything and you unlock memories as you progress through the game or when you sleep at Inns. These memories can be long at times but the stories are deep and sometimes sad.

LO feels like Final Fantasy, the graphics are outstanding and the voice acting is far better then FFX. Like FFVIII there is an extra thing you can do while in battle. In FFVIII you could use Squalls Gunblade at the right to inflict extra damage, In LO you can do the same but hitting the left trigger when the outer circle hits the inner circle as you approach your enemy, the closer the circles the more damage.

I will update a Review as soon as I am more into the game. For now I sit back with my new Elite and hope to spend a great amount of time with this one. Also worth mentioning that this game is 4 disks long.

Update: From the makers of Final Fantasy and it did not disappoint, Took me 60 Hours to do most of everything, I still have outstanding side quests to do and one last hidden boss who happens to be a tough cookie. Levelling up towards the end is easy to do and most of the hidden bosses are easy to take down then you get to the backyard which proves to be a challenge and a half. I will kill that last boss if it’s the last thing I do.
The story is fantastic from start to finish and can rival most Final Fantasy games but I just get the impression that Final Fantasy XIII will be so much better or maybe I just have high hopes of the game. Anyhow LO plays like Final Fantasy of old with Random battles and even the way you equip items. Levelling up and learning abilities is just like FF9 in the way you have to link Accessories to your immortals for them to learn new magic and skills. Also Immortals will learn more things off of your 4 mortal characters once they have levelled up enough to learn the spell or skill themselves mind.

Boss battles through out the game are mixed; some are easy while others prove to be a challenge, especially on Disk 4. Sometimes you are also plonked onto the world map without any idea where to go next. That is mainly my only bad points of the game, everything else runs smoothly and for those who want 1,000/1,000 achievement points will have their work cut out for them.



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