Final Fantasy XII ‘Review’

Formats: PS2
Format Played: PS2
Import: N/A

Started last year and 25 hours in for some reason I stopped playing it. Now 77 Hours in loads of side quests still to do and at the end I feel this could be one of the best games I have ever played.
Those who kn

ow me know that I love Square-Enix, it’s the reason I will one day buy a PS3. I already have the Japanise version of Crisis Core and have Lost Odyssey on pre order (makers of Final Fantasy).
Final Fantasy 12! I was not so keen on it being set what seems to be the past. Castles, bow and arrows and weapons like hammers! I like the new future look like FFX, this is one reason I think I stopped playing it. Also I think I had other things on the go too. FFXII plays like FFXI, there are no random battles and the enemies you see on screen are the enemies you will be fighting. You can also flee from these enemies but 9/10 times they will give chase for a while until the give up or you leave the area. Just be warned they will be waiting for you if you go back in.

The batt

le system is straight forward and there is a new system introduced called gambits. With Gambit slots you can tell your characters what to do without your doing.
For example you could have a character set so s/he will automatically target the nearest enemy then if anyone’s health falls under 50% (eg) they will heal them or if th

ey are blinded then they will automatically use the correct magic to counter it. This goes on and you can have loads of different Gambits set. You can not buy spells or better weapons until you have achieved them on the licence grid. Like the Grid in FFX you gain LP (Licence Points) with ever enemy you defeat. Once you have enough you can but licences for example “Cure” then once you have bought the spell from the magic shop your character can now use it. Same goes for armour, getting extra gambit slots etc etc

The maps are huge and I mean huge, you can tell that just by going through the main game it has taken me 70+ hours to get to the end. There are loads and loads of sid

e quests to do, chatting to local people could set off new challenges and once completed you are rewarded with Gill, weapons, magic etc! There are also Hunts which can be obtained through a notice board in the local bar (later in the game you can join a 2 hunt clubs which also give you Hunts to do). These mini quests will give you ca creature to go after for certain someone and will also provide a side story as to why you ar

e killing this creature. Again once defeated you will be rewarded as well as the satisfaction of completing these hunts.

Each part of the main mission areas will hold 1-3 boss characters you will have to defeat on the way through, but that’s not all! There are also other random boss characters roaming around which you can choose to fight and also once you are a member of one of the later hunt clubs you will have harder enemies walking around among the regular ones which could prove to be a bit tricky.
As the locations from one to another travel is made easier by the use of chocobos, Airships from one port to another and gate crystals. Like save crystals you can save at these points and also use them to be teleported from one gate crystal to another provided that A) you have touched the crystal already and B) you

have a teleport stone. Later in the game you will acquire your own ship but this will not be for a while.

As well as you basic attacks you can also acquire quickenings which will use your mp to unleash a strong attack to one enemy. These can be chained together so you can build up the power of the attack, providing your other characters on screen have acquired them too. Also like summons you can defeat Esper bosses who will join your team and can be summoned to aid your fight.

Each enemy you fight will drop items which you can sell. The more of the same enemies you chain together the better the items.

The main story isn’t as strong as earlier Final Fantasy’s but the size of the game and amount to do is what makes this game one of the most enjoyable Final Fantasy’s I have played. You do get your moneys worth with this one and more.



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