Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core ‘Review’

Formats: PSP
Format Played: PSP
Import: Japanese

I have just watched one of the best ending of any game I have played. Being a huge Final Fantasy Fan and especially VII this game is why I bought a PSP and it does not disappoint. Those who have played VII will already know what happens in Crisis Core so there really is not many spoilers to see and hear about. You would already know what happens at the end of this game but let me tell you, it still I quite moving.

This story is pre VII and tells how Zack is promoted to Soldier 1st Class and works along side Sephiroth. Some familiar faces like Cloud, Yuffie and Hojo will show there selves along the way as well as two new characters Angeal and Genesis.

Below is a cut scene which is not far into the game and is one of the best FMV I have ever seen

This game will be perfect for any FFVII fan and you do not really need to know the story of VII so it’s also ideal for anyone else who loves a good story. I am really looking forward to the English version.

Not much more to tell you about the battle system that I have already explained, you get more accessories and material as you progress through the game and also more characters on the DMW wheel some which prove to be very valuable.

The numbers on the DMW wheel will do different things, they could up your material level, give you HP, MP or AP and if they hit 777 your character will level up. This makes levelling up completely random but fun none the less.

This game has made it into my top 5 FF games, it is short at approx 15-20 hours without any of the extra missions you can complete but it really is a top game.



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