Jeanne d’ Arc ‘Preview’

Formats: PSP
Format Played: PSP
Import: USA

Another tactics game and it’s not Final Fantasy or Square-Enix. I heard about this game through a forum and as it’s not on a UK release I had to buy it from the states.
I have only just found out that the game was made by the same people who did Dark Cloud so I am expecting a lot from this.
I have had it for a while but have only just gotten around to playing it. I guess it’s not out in the UK because you have to fight the English and that might not go down to well ha-ha.
Jeanne d’ Arc takes place in a fictitious world inspired by Jeanne d’ Arc (known more commonly in English as Joan of Arc.) The game’s background story begins far in the past, during a long war where dark gods attempted to use their demon armies to enter the human world but were stopped by five heroes. The story jumps forward to the 15th century AD as France and England battle during the 100 Years’ War. You play as Jeanne as a 17 year old girl.
Jeanne is attached and then the game throws you straight into your first battle but do not worry, it’s simple and everything is explained as you go ahead.
Before entering each battle you get a chance to shop and equip new items. Once the battle begins you can not save but you can use quicksave which you will lose once you load the game back up.

The help menu’s I found a bit compact and confusing but as I have played other tactic games I knew what to do as this really isn’t anything ground breaking and follows suit of ever other tactic game out there.

The only real thing that separates these games is their strong story and so far so good with Jeanne d’Arc.

The world map is easy to travel around and it’s just a case of the towns and woods etc and a joining line with your character able to move between them.
Fighting is the same as any other tactic game and the PSP shows good graphics but I will come back to this once I have played more.


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