Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4 ‘Review’

Formats: Xbox360, PS3, Wii
Format Played: Xbox360
Import: N/A

Wow wow and wow again. I asked for this game for Christmas as I had so many games to play already and my parents only seem to buy me war games when I ask for them at Christmas and no other. What does that say about them huh?

Unlike the other Call of Duty games this one is more modern and I feel a cross between COD3/Rainbow Six and GRAW. The game on a whole is quite short and so are some of the missions. Medium/Normal is too easy and I would suggest starting on Hardened. Your missions are split up from first person with some Gunship missions which are superb and also sniper missions. There is one sniper mission which is one of my most favourite levels of any game where you and a partner roam around taking out enemies from a distance and working as a sniper team to get to your destination. You get a choice to either take out groups or sneak past them and also hiding in the tall grass. The idea is not to be seen as you crawl, sneak and take out single enemies until you reach your destination where you have to take out one person from the top of a abandoned hotel room suite.

Once you do that it’s escape time which also brings up two bad points about this game. The game flows quite freely but there are two sections of this game which you will have to play over and over again because they are just two damn hard. One is when you and your injured partner reach a destination and then call for back up. You have to defend your spot until they arrive but the enemies keep respewning all the time and it’s hard to man. The second is the last level where you have a small section to get through but are being shot at from two angles. Again there are too many respawning enemies.

The game has great graphics and although short is incredibly enjoyable. I would say this is one of the best games of 2007. Long may COD continue!



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