Xbox 360

Mass Effect “Preview”

Formats: Xbox360,
Format Played: Xbox360
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Ok so this is not a full review of this game as I am only 10 hours into what looks like a very long game. So far so good though, at first everything takes a while to sort out and get your head around. The menu systems will become easy to use but at first everything can become a bit confusing. A little into the game and you should be looking to re equip your team’s weapons and armour otherwise you will get spanked early on. Those of you who have played KOTOR should pick up things a lot quicker and like KOTOR there are loads of side missions.

It seems to me that every side mission you finish you end up picking up 2 more, annoying? Not really you don’t have to do them but they will provide you with much needed credits and XP (experience points).
The graphics are amazing but sometimes the game will load the next area you are travelling into and this could be while you are just walking around.

You can travel to lots of uncharted planets to investigate artefacts and fight enemies, this can get tedious at times but one of my friends loves it so this might be down to the individual.

You have loads of multiple decisions to make which will affect your status and the game as you go through so it looks like a replay of this game is on the cards.

Mass effect so far seems addictive with lots to do, I will write a full review when I have played more, and just travel to Earths moon and take a look at Earth is simply stunning.


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