Xbox 360

Guitar Hero 2 “Review”

Formats: Xbox360, PS2
Format Played: Xbox360
Import: N/A

I know this is a late review but I have only just picked this gem up! After travelling to my friends in Wales and I am still without sweet alcohol we did what we both could do best and that’s play video games.

Now I have never been interested in Guitar Hero at all and I always thought it sounded like a silly idea to play a plastic Guitar in front of a screen but like anything I gave it a go because as we all know, if you don’t try you can’t make a valid comment.

So anyway my guitar was hanging from the strap around my neck, I was looking at the TV all ready to go and the game was set to umm easy!!!!
When you first play Guitar Hero your fingers can’t seem to respond to the colours that appear or if they do they are a micro second late and I was mistiming my hits a lot. At first play I could see that this would be a game for patience!
After failing the first song twice I was starting to get the hang of it until the next day where I stepped up from Easy to Normal and a new key was added. This throws you off like crazy and when I panic and miss one note I tend to miss the next 6 which in turn frustrates me to my core and I balls the rest of the song up.

When I got home from the weekend I decided to go out and purchase the game fore myself because lets face it, it’s addictive! After a while of playing even you will be moving along with some of the songs just remember that singing along to sweet child of mine will break your concentration.

The guitar itself is nice to hold and has 5 colour buttons on the head and a strum which you can click up or down depending on you like it! There is also the whammy bar which you can use to distort the tone of the sound when holding down a note; you will find yourself using this when you get more confident.

The game is based on a score system, when you hit 10 notes in a row your score multiplies by 2 another 10 notes it’s 3x and another 10 and you hit 4 which is max, if you hit a wrong note or miss a note your multiplier goes back to 0.

You also have sections of the song where you get a chance to fill your star power bar. This bar once you fill to at least the middle will get the crowd on your side, this is used to either double your multiplier points or help you out when the crowd are getting on your back. You must hit all the star notes when they appear on the screen and also once your bar is up you can increase it a little using the whammy bar. The length of the star power depends on the length of the bar and to activate it you have to lift your guitar so the head is pointing up or a quick shake should do the trick!

It is hard at first to get into but trust me the more you play the easier it becomes and sometimes you find that you will be playing tunes without realising what you are doing. Currently after a week I have polished off Easy getting 5/5 on all songs also finished medium getting 5/5 on 80% of songs and I have started hard which added the last colour button meaning you have to move your hand up and down the head of the guitar and also the speed at which the notes you have to strike speed up a notch!

All in all this is major fun as well as buying new guitars changing and updating your characters looks and buying extra songs and videos.
My only downfall with it is if you have a plasma TV and you play it for a while you will get screen burn of the points bar and rock bar into your TV!

There is also a co op mode which I have yet to try.



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