Final Fantasy: The War of the Lions “Review”

Formats: PSP, PS1
Format Played: PSP
Import: N/A

Ok so those who know me will know I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and the whole reason I picked up a PSP was because of Crisis Core which should be coming soon. I was going to wait until that release but when Square-Enix decided to remake the PS1’s Final Fantasy Tactics I was all for it.

The game opens with a spectacular opening cut scene and I really feel they have done wonders with the drawings they have produced. The graphics to the game has not improved much from the PS1’s version and from time to time there is some noticeable slowdown when casting larger spells or healing a big party.
The game doesn’t really explain much unless you go through the tutorial but me being me skipped that and it took me 2 hours before realising you can equip potions and phoenix downs early on the game.

You start with your main character who you need to keep alive, once a player falls you have 3 turns until that player is officially dead and there will be no way to get him/her back. This is annoying if you can not reach that character in time or your heal spells fail costing you another turn.
If your main character is not healed by the 3 turns the game will be over. Also there are missions where you have to protect someone these missions are the games downfall which I will focus on later but again if these players die even once your game is over.

The turn based system is fun and just like the first as you move around the map you encounter random battles. The main missions are full of stories which you can not skip, this is annoying if you die and have to retake the mission and some stories go on for quite a bit.

Upgrading your characters with weapons and skills take time and it is an achievement when your character finally masters a job title. Once you get your characters to certain levels on certain jobs a new job will open for that character some are pointless but it your character can always have a secondary job, just make sure you can perform the spells or attacks with the weapon you are holding for example you cant have a black mage use sword attacks as a second skill.

There are some mini missions and hidden characters to gain including Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, you also bump into Aerith too!!

My downside with this game is the missions when you have to protect a character you have no control over. These characters act on their own will and normally attack the weak characters and walk straight into the enemy. One mission had that character getting killed before it was even my go which is very frustration and had me shouting at the screen.

On a whole I have not put the game down and have been playing in none stop until I have my main character learn every job and I have cloud in my party!

Other things you can do is send off some of your characters to do side quests and they come back with more experience and job skill points. Also you can pop into shops to outfit your characters and also read rumours and play co op with friends.

On a whole it is a great game minus a couple of annoying points this is a definite pick up for Final Fantasy and RPG fans alike.



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