Batman: The Telltale Series

Platform Played: Playstation 4
Developer(s): Telltale Games
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Score: 7.7/10

Being only my third played of the telltale games after both amazing Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2 I was hoping for more of the same when it came to the dark knight. Low and behold without spending a single pound this was handed to me through the playstation + free monthly games.

I am a fan of Batman and really enjoyed 2 of the Rocksteady games however it was really nice that Telltale’s Batman allowed you to play just as much as Bruce than Batman himself. This gave you a look into playing both sides of Bruice’s personality and it was great to act differently around the same characters.


Telltale have a way at making you really consider the choices you make and while not all of them will change or effect the story greatly they still make you consider your options and wonder what sort of response you would gave gotten should you have chosen something else. The choices that do make a big change in the way the story progresses are normally obvious and give you a lot longer to make up your mind. I do prefer the quicker options that way its more of an instinct rather than you thinking it over however I did find some options didn’t give you enough time to ready all the answers and this frustrated me some.

Another issue I had was with glitches and frame rate. You wouldn’t really think of frame-rate as an issue but multiple times I had to watch my character stutter around the screen. I suppose this was better than the glitches I had when darkness covered up bits of the game or when Bruce’s head was facing the wrong way! (check my twitter feed @Rubix78)


I enjoyed the story the game offered me all the way through to chapter 4 however I did feel it lost it’s way towards the end. I loved the characters they chose and the way they changed some of the relationships I expected compared to comics and films. The voice acting was great and thought they got the characters spot on especially the joker who I was concerned about. That said some of the henchmen character models are the same which is pretty lazy.

Combat is your typical Telltale quick time button tapping and for the most part, works well enough. However it is mostly about the story.
The detective work starts off interesting however can become repetitive and boring at times.

As always Telltale will give you a summery of the choices you made against everyone else who has played the game. I always like to compare my choices against everyone.

In summery, I really like the story and characters they chose to put into the first Batman telltale games. There are some issues with glitches and game lagging. The game will take you around 6-8 hours for all 5 chapters and will reward you with a easy platinum trophy. Personally I always wait until all episodes are out so I can keep playing without any breaks.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Platform Played: Nintendo Switch
Developer(s): Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Release Date: March 3, 2017
Score: 9.5/10

I am a big fan of the Zelda series and when I was finally able to pick up a Nintendo Switch (December) Breath of the Wild was one of the first games on my list.
This game has received a lot of hype and negative reviews have not been taken to kindly however I always review games on how I view them and not the way others want me to otherwise what is the point. Another thing is that my reviews are always out later than game releases due to the fact I am not predominantly a game reviewer and therefore do not receive games earlier than release and I only review games that I have finished. That being said lets continue:


One thing I noticed about Breath of the Wild (BotW) when first starting the game cart and many other times since, the Nintendo Switch’s cooling fans will kick in for about a minute. I looked into this issue and it turns out that this is a common fault and you shouldn’t be concerned that your switch is overheating. You should feel cold air coming out the vents and it shouldn’t last longer than a minute.

The game from the very start looks absolutely stunning, I really appreciate the art style they have gone for, it really does makes everything look beautiful and I am sure it’s pushing the Switch to it’s very limit. There isn’t much sounds as you progress through the game and this is okay. Most of the sounds will be background noise and this I appreciated as it matched the tone of the game.

Lets get straight into the controversial decision to include weapon breakages. This has been may peoples issue with BotW, you find lots of weapons as you progress through the world however you can only use it a certain amount of time before it breaks. Luckily you can collect korok seeds found throughout the world which can be traded for extra weapon slot spaces (also applies to shields and bows). The problem though isn’t that the weapons break, you will collect more than you will know what to do with, the issue is how quickly they can break. Seriously I could fight one enemy and go through 3 different weapons. Another problem people will have is that once they find a favorite weapon they may put it aside and not use it. I found myself doing this quite a lot and there really wasn’t a need.
Weapons, shields and bow’s all break (apart from one) they can’t be mended or brought back, once they are gone they are gone.

Staying on the subject of weapons, each weapon can act in different ways, one thing that really amazed me with the level of detail in this game. In a freezing cold area and want to heat up? use a ice sword to cool your body down. In a thunder storm? do not equip anything metal or you will get struck! See an huge snowball? stand next to it with a heat sword and it will melt. See a fire or in a very hot area? don’t walk through it with a wooden shield or bow as they will catch on fire… very clever stuff. Side note, you can use your shield to shield surf! a great way to get down a hill although be warned this will effect its life.

Something that some people miss, you can purchase a house if you hold enough rupees. Another great way to store items.


The story itself isn’t that great in my opinion but that doesn’t really matter. As soon as you get out of the first area you are free to travel the world as you see fit. There is more than enough things around the world to keep you entertained including multiple side quests (mostly fun) Shrines which hold within trials that could be a battle or puzzles to solve. Link’s memories to find and of course the main game quests.
Going back to puzzles as clearing these shrines will grant you an orb which can be traded in for extra life hearts or stamina. You will need life hearts as they will make progressing some of games enemies easier and stamina for running, fighting and climbing. The higher the stamina bar the higher you can climb……apart from when it’s raining, which is also another of the games faults! Yes it looks pretty when it does rain and yes it’s great that it makes link slip when he does climb but when you can’t progress until the rain stops it can become very frustrating. This also applies to lighting touches.
The shire puzzles are for the most part, fantastic! they can sometimes be a puzzle to find the shrine in the first place. There are tons and tones of these shrines which also once found can be used as fast travel points. Some of the puzzles use motion controls which aren’t the easiest to use. However I did get a kick out of realizing you could use metal weapons as a way to connect electric points! genius!


One other little niggle I had with the game and that was cooking. You will need to learn how to cook in this game by mixing foods to make meals to replenish your health or bugs and monsters to create elixirs! this itself isn’t a problem, the problem is that no where is there anyway to store these recipes! your choices are to either remember or keep a pen and pad handy.

Combat is extremely fun, I never got board of the combat in the game however I did miss having dungeons and boss fights. You will come across what I would call mini boss battles (or harder enemies) and there are some sort of boss battles in the main quests however these aren’t the same as previous games.
I did like that fact that one of the games cyclops enemies holds weapons around his neck and there is a stealthy way to get them without entering into a battle…..I’ll leave this to you to find out.
Don’t be concerned that you are running out of enemies to fight in this huge world as they will spawn at every red moon, a little to often for my liking but this is personal preference.


All in all, this is one of the best Zelda games I have ever played. The world is stunning to traverse, the soundtrack is subtle and beautiful and combat is rewarding. While the game is by no means perfect it is pretty close. 80 Hours of game play and I will return to mop up missed shrines and side quests. This for me would have clinched my game of the year for 2017 had I a) played it last year and b) hadn’t played Persona 5.


Assassin’s Creed Origins

Format Played: Playstation 4
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Score: 9.3/10

One of the best Assassin’s Creed games to date…………..oh you wanted more?
If you like good looking sandbox games, Ubisoft have made a welcome return to the Assassin’s Creed series after taking a year break. If this is the standard of game I get after 2 years than I think this should be a standard thing if they want this franchise to continue.


Probably one of the best looking games I have played so far on the PS4 and also one of the most detailed. There is so much to see and do in this world that I still found things over 40 hours into the game. A few people may moan about the size of the sandbox world however this vast desert is needed just to justify the scale of what it would be like out in the dessert. I liked the world I really did, the towns were busy with people going about their own business, you could listen into conversations, stealth kill guards and more importantly pet cats!
Sure you will pick up more side quests than you know what to do with and that also goes for weapons but you don’t even have to do all the side quests if you choose to platinum. You do however have to travel the entire map, locating treasures, animals and enemy camps but personally I really enjoyed this. What other game lets you tame a lion than unleash them onto their enemies!
Your horse can be frustrating at times but I have played worse horses (I’m looking at you Witcher 3/Zelda: Breath of the Wild).


Things I also enjoyed were the gladiator side missions which reminded me of Gladiator however the chariot racing was frustrating, hard to control and annoying.


The Story line was good but not great and some of the side quests forgettable. The combat was everything you expect from an assassin’s creed game and the stealth worked well.
I enjoyed not having a map on the screen, it wasn’t missed and using you eagle was a brilliant replacement.

I did mention side quests and you do get a lot of them. Should you chose to do the side quests as you pick them up you will also find yourself overpowered when you come to the story missions. Good or bad thing this is in your hands!

Around 90 hours to platinum trophy and not once did I get board. Sure this tells you everything. P.S. You can continue the game after


The game also lets you play a secondary character which does offer something different to the game however this doesn’t happen often.

Be warned this game does have micro transactions but trust me, unless you want a Unicorn for a horse and why would you, the only things worth buying are cosmetic or having map locations for all the items needed to get platinum. Save yourself real money, I wasn’t board finding them on my own. And if you really need help i’m sure the internet could tell you this information for free!


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Format Played: Playstation 4
Publisher(s): N/A
Developer(s): Ninja Theory
Release Date: August 8, 2017
Score: 9.1/10

This game is short (around 5-6 hours) but don’t let that put you off. The audio is some of the best I have ever heard in a game, so good that I highly recommend playing only with a headset. You follow Senua who is on a quest to enter hell and reclaim her loved one’s soul.
From the very start of the game you are advised to play with your headset on and there is good reason for this. Senua suffers from a psychotic breakdown so constantly hears voices in her head, this comes acrros very sensitive to a real problem and the developers do not shy away from this making it one of the main experiences in the whole game. These voices chatter to her giving warnings,fear and advice. They won’t only talk to Senua but each other and even sometimes breaking the fourth wall and will talk to you the gamer.
It’s these voices which make your journey all the more rewarding throwing doubts in Senua’s head saying she can’t do things, than surprise when she does and even help when enemies attack which calls like “behind you” and “watch out”. The voices are done so well they chatter around your head the whole game and it really does create a tense atmosphere which remains throughout the whole game.


The game throws puzzles in early on and these can get repetitive fast! however when you think they will continue they become more sparse and this is taken over by combat which is quite absent in the first part of the game.

Visually this game is stunning, character models are spot on and the lighting effects are amazing, it makes you wonder why they chose to release this game at a fraction of the cost.


Some issues I had with the game was the lack of instruction (like Dark Souls) only pressing the start button did I realize you could block. The lack of a map means that progress can become confusing, I found myself walking back through the same area’s more than once. Two area’s where you beat a boss than had to backtrack through the whole area which was devoid of any enemies. Should have made these bits into a circle coming back out where you needed to go.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed the game and the story. I can’t big up the audio enough let alone how good this games. If you want something with a great story, great audio, good combat and lasts below 6 hours than please pick this game up.

This is also a game where you can get platinum within the first playthrough.


Mario Odyssey

Format Played: Nintendo Switch
Publisher(s): Nintendo Entertainment
Developer(s): Kenta Motokura
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Score: 9.5/10

When I watched the E3 reveal for Mario Odyssey and they showed what would later be announced as New Donk City (NDC) I was very cynical. I thought it looked more like the new style sonic games than Mario and I was concerned. Fortunately, I was completely wrong and while I am still no fan of NDC the rest of the game has been a complete joy to play and learn. I think my reasons for disliking NDC mainly stems from having human characters walking around making Mario look like some warped creature from another world. Having said that there are some enjoyable quests here and one irritating skipping challenge.
Odyssey has been compared with Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine and this I will completely agree with. The control system is easy to use particularly with the joy cons detached and loose in each hand. The pro controller handles nicely too as does the Joy Cons in portable mode however I didn’t like the joy cons attached to the provided switch controller. Having the joy cons loose allows you to fling around your hat easier allowing more precision and making it easier to do multiple hat attacks with the shake of one hand.

From the very start of Odyssey you gain your new companion. Like Fludd was to Sunshine in Odyssey it’s a hat called Cappy who can be hurled at enemies to possess that enemy and take over their body to use it to your will. This works fantastically and provides a new control system and brings different dynamics to the game, creating levels where certain enemies can progress. Each enemy possessed has its own feel and movements, the game designers have done a great job with this.

Each of the area’s you travel to has more than enough to complete although you don’t need to do much to continue the main storyline. Instead of stars you collect moons which is slightly misleading as they are more crescents of moons than a whole moon itself (I guess you can argue that the old stars aren’t a true reflection of a star also). Each area is littered with these moons; some are easy to find and others take a bit of work especially later in the game where you don’t have any clues.

For anyone who wants an easy playthrough there are easy to find moons where all that is needed is to kick a rock or pound the ground and then for those who like a challenge there are harder to find moons which could also involve a challenge or a puzzle to work out.


The areas are also littered with old style 2D sections which give older players a sense of nostalgia twisted with modern day challenges.
For anyone who likes to get 100% completion you have your work cut out for you. Once the main story is completed each level gains even more moons to collect and without spoiling anything there are also some nice surprises dished out too. Personally, I think they have gone too far with the number of moons to collect and after around 40 hours I’m finding it more of a chore than enjoyable.
Some of the challenges can make some players very irritated. There are areas where you lose cappy and you have to navigate without the ability to easily make a jump, it can be very frustration and reminds me a little of the sections in Sunshine when you lose fludd and his ability. Very infuriating but also very satisfactory when you complete it. There are two moons which I think should be removed from the game as they are not fun in any way whatsoever. These are 100 Skips over a skipping rope and 100 volleyball returns.


Mario Odyssey is jam packed full of easter eggs and things that some older gamers will remember from previous titles. Coins are used as form of payment for new clothing as well as a continue instead of having lives.
As well as moons and coins, purple coins are also back. These are well hidden around each area and like the standard coins they can be used to purchase clothes as well as stickers and items for your Odyssey ship.

In summery I enjoyed Odyssey, my own personal issues have been New Donk City and the fact that there is too much to do that it makes some of the moons uninteresting to collect. It probably rates as high as my favorite Mario games (Mario 64 and Galaxy). 999 Moons and it’s been one epic journey



Persona 5

Format Played: PS4
Publisher(s): Atlas
Developer(s): Deep Silver
Release Date: April 4, 2017
Score: 9.9/10

After months of hype and even longer waiting for a sequel toons of my favourite games, Persona 4 (the game I bought a PlayStation Vita for), I finally got to play Persona 5 on the PS4.
Anyone new to the persona series should be aware that it’s unlike any other current JRPG out there. Atlas have kept the combat turn based, and it’s a perfect example of how to pull off a turn based game this generation. I really wanted games like Final Fantasy to go back to its routes with battle systems but personally I believe they never will as they feel that times have moved on, however games like Persona and Bravely Second show how wrong they are.

Not only is the combat turn based but the detail of the battle system is so rewardable. Like older Persona games you collect enemies like Pokemon and use them to fight for you, these are called personas and are meant to be your other self. Every character has their own persona, however as the main character you can collect others as you battle. You cleverly achieve this by holding up enemies like a robbery and than negotiating with them to join you. It’s very satisfying when you answer the almost comical questions thrown at you in able to gain their trust. The other way to gain personas come in the form of sacrificing 2 or 3 of them to make 1 new one. Each Persona levels up this way or through exp gained in battle. The battle system is quick to figure out, working out enemies weakness and using it against them.

The places where you use combat are in two areas, the first is inside a persons palace, this is how that person views the world and people around them and your aim is to reach the end where you will steal that persons heart which is a treasure they don’t want anyone to know about and therefore changing their heart in the real world. Each person has a palace cleverly designed around them and as you progress the game will throw random new ingenious things at you related to that person and that is the same with the storyline.

The other area is called momentos, which is an area that extends as you play the game and can be used for smaller side quests or just gaining personas and exp.

When you aren’t fighting and changing hearts the game offers you lots to do as you live your student life in and out of school. You live your days levelling up 5 areas of your character which all have their own benefits. These are kindness, guts, charm, knowledge and proficiency and there are many ways in order to do this. Things like studying, reading, watching films, playing video games, eating challenges, building equipment etc etc, will gain you experience. Not only are there these five areas to increase but you meet new people that you can increase your social links which will gain you abilities that will help you in combat.

The best and hardest thing about this game is planning what to do with your time as in between missions it’s up to you how you plan your day and what to do with it. All your characters have their own side stories and a few people you meet along the way also have their own stories and how you act and interact with them has a huge impact to how you progress with them.

My only issue with this game comes in the combat, hiding from enemies allows you to stealth past them or ambush them which gives you a advantage at the start of any battle, but it’s very easy to accidentally come out of hidden areas or flip around the corner so you are in full view of the enemies which if caught will give them the advantage. This allows enemies to attack first and this could wipe out your party. Like I mentioned earlier most enemies have a weakness and this is the same for you, problem is if your main character falls the game is over and if you give an enemy an advantage you can find your main character hit multiple times with a weakness killing him off and ending the game abruptly.
This can be very frustrating when it does happen however the game is so good I can’t even bring myself to let this have much of a negative impact on my score.

I loved Persona 4 it falls into my top 10 games of all time but now I have to rethink my list as Persona 5 is even better. 110-125 hours to play through this game and at no point did I ever get bored or wish it would finish. Normally when games hit the 100 hour mark they struggle to keep my attention but Persona 5’s story is so strong it kept me playing all the way through. The characters for the most part are all likeable and like P4 I felt a strong connection with them and cared about what they were going through. The story is one of the strongest I’ve played in a long time and I always wanted to know what would happen next. A perfect JRPG, soundtrack is awesome and  the art style is phenomenal, this will be very hard to beat!


Little Nightmares

Format Played: PS4
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer(s): Tarsier Studios
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Score: 7.4/10

Anyone wanting something a little different than look no further than Little Nightmares. This platform/puzzle game is quite fun to play if a little short. I say short and I mean short. This game arrived by 6pm and I had finished it by 10pm the same day! Not to say I didn’t enjoy it because I really did. The look and style of this game is like nothing I have seen before, the lighting effects are impressive and the puzzles can leave you thinking for a short while before being able to move on. What I really like is how dark this game can be at times. I found myself on edge during certain sections of this game more than I thought I would and more than some recent horror games. At times you really get a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability when sneaking around some of the games enemies.

It’s hard to explain the story and the character you play. It reminds me a little of limbo where the game just gets going from the off. There isn’t much in the way of hand holding and you are pretty much left on your own as soon as you start. My issues are few and have to do with the controls. I found myself getting frustrated at times all because I was falling off ledges because it was difficult to tell what angle the charter was moving at or holding run and my character wasn’t running. These few issues at times left me very frustrated and it felt like the game was causing my death and not my own error and I hate that.

In summary, if you like a dark platform game that look no further. It’s cheap enough, it’s short and should you wish to find the collectibles you probably have a few play through to get everything. I most certainly will be replaying this game again and I am glad I bought it at launch.

Few mentions, the game comes with a soundtrack with 24 tracks on, the music is eerie and dark and It suited the game very well. Also for those who like trophies there is no platinum.